Bill seeks to cap prescription copays

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Two bills filed in Frankfort,KY would cap the patient's cost of prescription drugs at $100 a month per drug or $200 a month for all drugs.

It's a new practice being used to contain health care costs but does "co-insurance" threaten to put medications financially out of reach for Kentucky's sickest patients?

It's not just the medication Julie Davis takes daily to prevent epileptic seizures, but the arsenal of pills to counteract that drug's side effects.

"I have a 7 o'clock alarm on my phone so I don't forget the time – my husband has an eight o'clock alarm so he doesn't forget the time," Julie said.

With any slight change in formula, your side effects can become absolutely intolerable.

Shortly after Davis switched insurance plans last May, her insurer, despite the concerns of her neurologist, switched her from the drug that effectively treated her condition to a generic drug.

Any impact or tweak can have a difference.

Within three months, her seizures resumed so Julie decided to return to the name brand drug that worked for her.

"I found out that my copay was going to be – over $1200," she said.

A staggering co-pay, an example of the co-insurance practice by insurance companies to offset rising health care costs by transferring them to their customers -- a motivation to shift to cheaper drugs when they conclude the more expensive ones are not medically necessary.

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