Crystal Lake resident hopes to ‘cap the copay’ on high-price specialty drugs

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Ryan, a 16-year-old from suburban Chicago, was diagnosed with epilepsy eight years ago. He suffers from a variety of different seizures, making it that much more difficult to find medications, and the right combination of medications, to control them. Ryan currently takes six different medicines, three times a day, which can be very straining, both physically and mentally.


Adding to this burden, costs for a single medication can sometimes be up to $2,000. While some of his medications can be substituted for less expensive, comparable medications, others cannot.


Over the span of six months, copays for Ryan’s family can reach up to $10,000, and this does not include visits to the doctor or additional costs that factor into caring for a child with a chronic illness. The family’s deductible for the year in 2014 was $3,000, and was met by January due to the steep cost of a single medication for Ryan.


It is hard enough for this family to manage the various medical issues that come with this disease, but extremely high out-of-pocket costs for medications to control his seizures adds an additional dimension of stress and hardship.


For Ryan and his family, please help us #CaptheCopay.


Read more about Ryan’s story in the Northwest Herald.

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