High Costs Of HIV Drugs On Some Illinois Insurance Plans May Be Discriminatory, Say Advocates


Two major insurers are charging much more than others for several common HIV and AIDS medications in Illinois, drawing complaints from AIDS advocates that the companies may be trying to discourage high-cost patients from choosing their plans on the federal health insurance marketplace. Several standard treatments cost more than $1,000 per month on many Coventry Health Care and Humana plans, while some of the same drugs cost as little as $35 on plans other insurers sell on the exchange, according to an AIDS Foundation of Chicago analysis. “While certainly there are plans on the marketplace that offer good coverage, what we think these companies are doing is putting out a signal that people with HIV are not welcome on these plans,” said John Peller, the foundation’s president and CEO. The AIDS Foundation warned Coventry, Humana and two other insurers in January letters that the way they are pricing the drugs may violate federal protections against discrimination. The Affordable Care Act forbids insurers from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. Read full article.

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